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Spare parts

Spare parts for installation of home appliances: valves, hoses, collars, anchor bolts, plugs with sockets, various adapters


Vacuum cleaners: nozzles, hoses


Cookers: cleaners for ceramic and regular cookers, scrapers for ceramic cookers, bulbs for ovens, griddles, grids for grills


Washing machines and dishwashers: various water softeners which help to prevent limestone, hoses, belts, heating elements, motors


Refrigerators and deep-freezers: shelves, storage boxes, bulbs, thermostats, spare parts for Snaige


Gas cookers: metal hoses for installation, reducers


Electric water heaters: heating elements, magnesium anodes, thermostats (Electrolux, Fagor, Ariston, Isea, Bompani, Thermex, General, Kristall, Fismar, Tesy, Tatramat)


Microwaves: plates

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